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Our Story


Handbags for Every Body

Our purses are crafted with real women in mind. Whatever shape or stage of life you're in, your bag should fit you perfectly. Every stitch serves a purpose, giving you the freedom to carry exactly what you need. Because as Canadian moms and professionals ourselves, we expect just as much out of our handbags as you do. Find out more here.


Every woman needs a handbag that you'll pick up again and again. One that fits you—and all of your essentials. One that's designed with your body and life in mind. At Gray Haus, this is what we do best.


Our Founders

Meet Everly Gray, Kaili's beautiful daughter, born in 2018. Gray Haus began as a passion project for Kaili in 2020 who, as a new mom, set out to create her dream version of a fashionable yet affordable diaper bag. 

When Kaili teamed up with her business partner Kelsey in 2023, their fast friendship sharpened the focus of Gray Haus into an even clearer direction. Each of their handbags honours inclusivity in all forms: sizing, design, durability, pricing, and sustainability. They craft every detail with empathy and care, knowing that you’re carrying your most valuable possessions in their products.

Our Mission

Together, we’re pursuing one purpose: to create handbags for every body. We design inclusive and intentionally crafted purses that honour all phases of womanhood:


  • Fashionable and interchangeable straps that fit all body types.

  • Strategically placed pockets that hold everything from diapers to laptops.

  • Long-lasting vegan leather that won’t crack or split after everyday use.

  • Affordable prices that give you value for your investment.

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Esteban B.

Great local products. I've bought 2 items and the quality and design are outstanding. Great value


Best daily bags! Amazing bags! Stylish, customizable and large enough to fit all your essentials. No regrets with my purchases!

Laurie R.

I bought a tote to be my daily work bag. I love it so much. The classy color, the divided inside keeps my electronics and other items separate and I LOVE the water bottle elastic. No more leaky water bottle in the bottom of my bag! Super happy!

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